Moving article by a deaf Islamic woman

This is a really interesting article in which a woman discusses her identity development along multiple dimensions. The intersections of her various identities is powerful!


...I am a Muslim and I’m happy to shove it down your throat. I’m not a weak, oppressed woman who needs to be saved by the Western savior. I’m a Muslim and I didn’t commit the Sept. 11 hijackings and I won’t apologize for them. Muslims everywhere are under constant threat of being killed in the name of terrorism and civil war, while Americans are rarely attacked on U.S. soil. We are not terrorists or apologists. We’re normal, ordinary people who just want to be left alone and live our lives and have the freedom of religion to quietly practice (or reject) Islam.

We’re American, we’re Muslim, and we’re not leaving.

Hope you enjoy, would love to hear others' reflections!


When almirah not fashionable What is just our clad

Open the wardrobe, flexor math,asics mexico 66, those long colorful shirt has never worn it?

Not just you, the Dior designer beard keep Liangpie JohnGalliano also changed the design of elegant style, the surgeon cut to all the 2010 Evening dress Yong-long "tail."

Yao Feng of China famous designers in the fashion seen JohnGalliano after jokingly said: "The financial crisis has finally save the fabric of the Church of the fashion industry."

dim clothing cabinet

Hungs words clearly describe the fashion industry, "fashion is our society melamine money worship." at the end of 2007, we place in the worship of money society, suddenly suffered a financial crisis , the worship of the "Golden" suddenly disappeared, so the convergence of many of the toxicity of melamine.

Fashion Week in Paris, many fashion designers Party has been canceled, everyone knows, the fashion design industry also need the money, the luxury Paris Fashion Week temperament has also been reduced.

creative with the money, in the fashion design industry in proportion to the decline.

spring and summer fashion devil JohnGalliano2010 grim series of mens models took to the T station, fashion style and similar in 2009, after the Paris Fashion Week, Galliano was a very rare criticism of the fashion industry, " more than hyperbole, lack of creativity. "

Yao Feng heart secretly try to figure out, "Yes indeed the financial crisis, with little innovation Gallianos designs,karen millen dresses, and illustrate the creative aspects of fashion design sector investment in the reduction."

China Textile Industry Association, China National Garment [6.12-1.29%] Association, clearly felt the impact of the crisis on the industry,lacoste pas cher, garment manufacturing and tens of millions of rural employment in China is closely related to, in order to revitalize the garment industry, the China Textile Industry Association China National Garment Association, China Textile Information Center, convened a number of designers and services in domestic and international textile and garment industry, design and creative types of institutions, launched a lecture entitled "2009Reach & Touch fashion creative space" campaign, hope to see through the creative industry driven apparel consumption and export.

to the organizing committee is unexpected is that the activities of the "financial crisis" atmosphere is still strong, the venue missing gold, orange and other vivid colors, contrast,survetement lacoste pas cher, black and white panels, gray, dark creative design into the mainstream.

"according to color psychology, black, gray and other cool colors, exaggerated dress in the psychological sense of security, which is what business people during the financial crisis, psychological implications." Increased by the same designer Yao Feng own brand of black and gray design.

"2009Reach & Touch fashion creative space" in the exhibition,gel running, Yao Feng also designed a large area of ??black and white panels, boards face the same model on the cold.

In fact, today, what kind of clothes to wear fashion, as early as year and a half or two years ago has been designed. If she wants to wear clothing of a period costume, however, we must see the 2009 "GAP", so that at least 2011 years ago, you still fashionistas.

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