Careers for the Public Good - November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010
Weill Hall, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Looking for ways to stay committed to social justice after college?
Hear alumni in various fields discuss how they have remained committed to social justice in their professional careers
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Brazil turns jeans of small waist of favorable bal

Brazil introduced the hipster designer jeansChina news: Di Yaoku recent years has been sought after by fashion people, despite a low and then low,dsquared shoes 2011, but never seem to not satisfy those who seek the ultimate sexy customers. Recently, Brazil introduced a hipster costume designer jeans, low triangle bikini by the belt connected to it does not result in sub-pants fall off.According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on April 24, this design hipster tight waist and hips very low jeans, and cowboy Bubijini connected to the design and put it on after the part of the lower abdomen and buttocks will be exposed, without pants fall is in the waist side bikini by the Department of the elastic band on ***. Wear the jeans in the busy shopping street shuttle does need courage.Sandra Tenney designer pants Mra (Sandra Tanimura) from Brazil, a company called "Sanna" the clothing company. She said that the reason stems from the design of this bikini Di Yaoku number of customers "complaining",survetement lacoste, they want to wear more low-waist pants, but the designers after the launch of their pants like they do not wear it that - pants always fall down. Tenney Ratko said: "Our company specializes in design and production of Di Yaoku, hope to see our customers lower waistband,dsquared t shirts, but it is difficult to meet their requirements at the same time did not allow pants fall down, and I thought to fix the pants with a bikini strap. "It is reported that, of course, "Sanna" the company is producing the pants in Brazil, but most of the products exported to Japan,asics mexico 66, but can also be purchased on the Internet. This bikini low rise jeans,dsquared jeans 2011, priced at 45 pounds (approximately over 600 yuan). (Li Hui)Related Articles: